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Telecom Argentina
Game handled by motion tracked bottle
Hilton Hotel - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cisco Networkers Solutions Forum´06

Grab a real bottle with your hands, aim to the virtual objects on the shelves and hit as much as you can by throwing fast corks.


The player uses a real champagne bottle as control device for aiming the virtual bottle inside the game. The detection is performed through our Real Tracking technology.

The visualization device used was a 65" HD plasma and the content of the game was developed to take advantage of every pixel of its native resolution. Stereo 3D sound submerge the player into this virtual bar.


Stereo 3D version: the visualization of this game could also be stereoscopic. Images give real sense of depth by using 3D glasses or helmet. Both player and audience are able of feeling how the cork pops out from their hands and gets inside the screen, creating the inmediate reaction of extending the arms trying to catch objects that seems to float on the air. The effect is similar to IMAX cinemas but enhanced with interactive realtime stereo 3D advergames controlled by people through motion capture and innovative devices.

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