Eventology creates top notch technology turn-key solutions which serve as new tools for advertising, marketing, BTL and 360º campaigns for:

  • Outdoor, shop windows and digital signage.
  • Product launch, promotions and events.
  • Shopping malls, museums and theme parks.
  • Booths & moveable interactive installations.
  • Real Estate, architecture and showrooms.
  • Bars, discotheques and concerts.
  • Training, military and civilian simulators.

PROYECTS are completely customized. Its content and requirements are defined along with the client depending on the theme of the campaign, duration, target audience, budget, physical space, etc...

The goal is to find the best mix of any of these complementary elements: content + output + input.





- Audiovisual material
- Interactive software


- Equipment for communicating the content to the receptor.


- Devices for capturing data emmited by consumers and their environment.

- Advergames + innovative controls & visualizations inside custom structures.

- Stereo3D High Definition Cinema + DTS audio + 4D physical effects.

- Technological Booths & Interactive shop windows.

- Holographic characters, 3D video mapping, games, kiosks & mirrors.

- High Definition content: Film, 3D, CG & 4D.

- Multiuser Virtual Reality & Simulators.

- Virtual Tunnels with wireless user recognition & custom greeting.


- Visualization
Holograms with semi transparent screens, Single / multi / HD projections over any shape surface, video mapping, interactive stereoscopic 3D trough LED 3D / dual projection / VR glasses, touchScreens & kiosks.

- Audio
Sound 5.1, 3D FXs, shop window SpeakerGlass, individual cone audio.

- 4D physic effects
Seat movement, water spray, wind, temperature, smell, etc...

- Networking & media
Creating databases with user data and choices, uploading media: web and emails, printing, burning CDs, SMSs, Bluetooth.


- Motion Tracking / Gesture Capture
Real objects used as 3D controls, foot steps and body movements capture, special custom controls created with almost 100 kind of sensors (proximity, pressure, acceleration, impact, humidity, light, inclination, etc...)

- User´s media inserted into content
Insert realtime 2D / 3D realtime video, sound & photos into content.

- Standard Tracking controls
Touchscreen, joystick, wheel & pedals.

- Wireless user data reading
RFID for custom greetings at events entrance or virtual tunnels. Barcode readers & magnetic cards input.


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