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Peru Credit Bank (BCP)
Soccer advergame with holograms
Inside banking centers @Peru
Feb 2007 - 2008

This videogame runs inside of a banking center in a room with soccer stadium ambientation. Invisible motion tracking sensors allow people to play outside from the street by only moving their bodies in front of the bank´s shop window.

Loop: banners floating and soccer players playing with the ball catches people´s attention.

Intro: when people approach, the holograms invite them to play and explain the rules.

Choosing girl or boy
: a blue arrow floating over character´s head appears and follows the movements of the person. If the arrow goes to the left and stays 3 seconds over the boy´s hologram, he´ll be chosen. Same happen with the girl on the left.

The game: the chosen hologram will copy the movements of the person in front of the shop window, trying to make the ball bounce as much as possible for incrementing the score.

Prize: once time is over, the character tells you which prize did you win depending on your score.


Motion tracking of the people in front of the shop window performed by sensors.

3x2m HoloInvi screen for interactive hologram projection. Soccer stadium ambientation of the room, SoundFXs.

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